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As youth growing up in Altamonte Springs, Fl., sports played an integral role in shaping who Rickie and Jemile Weeks are today. Beyond sports, through a faith-based home, provided by parents Rickie Weeks Sr. and Valeria Mcmillon, the brothers used sports to build an undeniable bond with each other. Baseball, football, and basketball served as a means of self-expression and helped them both build confidence and leadership qualities, on and off the field. After attending Lake Brantley High School, both brothers ventured on to play Division I collegiate baseball.


Discipline gained early in life through youth sports, prepared the brothers for a game-changing career in the big leagues. In 2003, Rickie Weeks Jr. was drafted in the first round, 2nd overall, by The Milwaukee Brewers.  Not to be outdone by his older brother, in 2008 Jemile Weeks was drafted in the first round by The Oakland Athletics. Community involvement remained at the forefront of their platforms throughout their careers, as both brothers hosted baseball camps in their respective playing cities.


In 2012, Rickie and Jemile brought their expertise to the Greater Orlando area by hosting their inaugural Weeks Brothers Holiday Baseball Camp. Six years later, the baseball camp has blossomed into The Weeks Brothers Foundation. Today, The Foundation serves as a platform to provide professional excellence to underserved youth through youth sports and education. With a combined total of over 24 years in professional baseball, The Weeks Brothers have made a lasting impact on the sport of baseball and plan to mold the next generation.

Throughout my 14 years in professional baseball, I’ve learned “talent might get you there but being a leader will keep you there” 


- Rickie Weeks Jr.

RickieWeeks jr.

  • Attended Southern University

  • Teams:

    • Milwaukee Brewers

    • Seattle Mariners

    • Arizona Diamondbacks

    • Tampa Bay Rays

  • Notable Achievements: 

    • 2003 Golden Spikes Award winner

    • 2001 and 2002 member of Collegiate Team USA

    • 2003 Baseball America Player of the Year

    • 2003 Dick Howser Award winner

    • 2011 All-Star

    • 2011 MLB All-Star Homerun Derby participant

    • 2010, 2012 and 2013 Milwaukee Brewers nominee for the prestigious "Roberto Clemente Award Presented by Chevrolet" 

I want kids to know what they didn’t know before, to have wider access to college and professional opportunities. I want the attributes of our experiences to bless the lives of underserved youth in their minds and their lives.


- Jemile Weeks


  • Attended The University of Miami

  • Teams:

    • Oakland Athletics 

    • Baltimore Orioles 

    • Boston Red Sox

    • San Diego Padres

  • Notable Achievements: 

    • 2006 USA National Team Gold Medalist

    • 3x All-American at The University of Miami

    • 2009 MLB All-Star Game: The Futures Team

    • June 2011 MLB American League Rookie of the Month

    • 2011 Rookie of the Year Honoree 


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